Project design - C3EU: EU perceptions in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine - EU Global Perceptions - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Project design - Crisis, Conflict and Critical Diplomacy: EU Perceptions in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine (C3EU)

C3EU combines leading scholars with early-career researchers and draws on multidisciplinary expertise in EU external perceptions, CFSP, ENP, governance, IR, media, communication, cognitive and linguistic studies.  The research strategy examines:

  1. official policy discourse towards the EU;
  2. EU media framing;
  3. EU perceptions among policy-makers;
  4. youth; and
  5. makes policy recommendations.

C3EU employs an innovative comprehensive approach using tested qualitative and quantitative methods to generate an accurate assessment of EU diplomatic engagement with Ukraine and Israel/Palestine under crises and provides a comprehensive avenue to improve EU perceptions. Ultimately, C3EU will provide EU stakeholders with unique information to elaborate relevant policies and devise outreach initiatives to influence target audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

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