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Selected media outlets: Ukraine

Selected outlets





DAY Limited Liability Company “UKRAINIAN PRESS-GROUP” 137 760 readers from 18 to 65 (0,9% Cvr.) of one newspaper issue 4 times per week (hard copy edition, online edition) 62 500 issues (Ukr.), 7025 issues (Eng.)
Limited Liability Company “TODAY MULTIMEDIA” 665 040 readers of a newspaper issue (TNS, MMI Ukraine 2015'1+2015'2) daily, 4 times a week from Tuesday to Friday (hard copy edition, online edition)

190 143 copies (together with regional issues in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk)

Komentarii Limited Liability Company ‘Publishing House “Komentari” Serhiy Kurochkin (allegedly) unknown hard copy edition – once a week (on working Mondays) 500 copies a week (in Russian)
Gazeta po-ukrainsky Publisher's Group “Nova Informatsiya” Ltd. (Kostyantyn Zhevago, Ivan Vasyunik) TSN Ukraine 2014/2 + 2014/3 - 150 570 readers of an issue The editorial offices in Kiev, Lvov, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Cherkassy hard copy edition – twice a week on working Tuesdays and Fridays,  online edition Tuesday edition - 400 370 copies; Friday edition - 295 580 copies a week (in Ukrainian with quotations in Russian)

Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Ukrayina



ENG (no update since April 2015)

Limited Liablility Company “ZN” 265 200 readers of one issue (online and hard copy) hard copy edition – weekly (separate editions in Russian and Ukrainian); online edition 32 000 issues
Ukrayina Moloda Private Enterprise “Ukrayina Moloda” 120 000 readers a week hard copy edition – daily, 5 times per  week; online edition 90 751 issues
Uryadovyi Kuryer Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 100 000 readers of one issue hard copy edition – daily, 5 times per week; online edition 500 000 issues per month

Power Point Presentation - “Ukraine_Selected Media” (PPTX, 1.17MB)

Selected Media Outlets: Israel/Palestine

Selected outlets





Yediot Ahronot Private:
Moses family and
Eliezer Fishman (3)
-in public - everybody
- owners - writers - subscribed readers “elite, anti-Bibi” (3)
Daily and extended on weekends (4) 35.4%* (4)
Printing –
174,000 daily,
350,000 on weekends (5)

Israel Hayom

Online edition

Sheldon and Miriam Edelson (3)
-popular (but “elites” are more critical to it)
-in public
-Bibi’s "Shofar” (2)
-Central-right audience? *more important who stands behind it….
Daily and extended
on weekends (4)
Printing – 275,000 daily, 400,000 on weekends (6)
Kul Al Arab Private ownership by Al Arab Group Hard to examine exact audience but it’s the “Israeli –Arab People’s Newspaper”. Not attached to any political side On weekends 30% of the Arab-Israeli Population. Printing 30,000

Al Kuds


Private ownership. 2nd generation of Abu Zalaf family. But linked to the PLO. The most common newspaper on the West Bank. Linked to the PLO Daily broad-sheet Printing 20,000. 81.1% of the 18+ population in the West Bank

Al Ayam


Private ownership by Bashar El Masri Mainstream. Daily. Regular editions on weekends as well The 2nd on the West Bank. Exact Number is not available but less than 20 k.

Power Point Presentation - Israeli Palestinian Selected Media_Presentation (PPT, 1.18MB)

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